What Conditions Can a Podiatrist Treat?

There are many faces to modern medicine, and the podiatrist is trained to treat foot issues, which often arise with the fast pace of modern society, and this specialised field requires 4 years of training. When you consider the constant punishment your feet have to endure, it is not surprising that people develop conditions that require treatment.

Range of Issues

A podiatrist can treat the following conditions:

  • Athlete’s Foot – Caused by sweat between the toes, Athlete’s Foot can happen to anyone at any time, and to avoid this, always make sure you dry between your toes thoroughly and apply a little skin cream once a week, which really helps with cell regeneration.
  • Corns & Callouses – Corns form when an area of the foot (usually on a knuckle) becomes very hard, which is a natural response to constant pressure.
  • Thick Skin – This can carefully be removed, and this can be painful if left untreated.
  • Fungal Nail Infections – If you notice a discolouring of a toenail, this could be due to a fungal infection, and to prevent this, always clean behind the nail, which removes and bacteria.
  • In-growing Toenails – Extremely painful, should you feel pain in your toes, make an appointment with your local podiatrist, who can make a recommendation for treatment.
  • Warts – These can be removed or treated, depending on the size and severity, and if you feel something strange on any part of your foot, have the specialist take a look.
  • Cracked Heels – There are special creams that will soothe the pain and this will aid in the recovery process.

The podiatrist in Central Coast can also cut your toenails, which for some is a difficult task and leaving them to grow can result in a painful experience as the nail grows into the skin. If you suffer from any of the above conditions, search online for a podiatry clinic that is nearby, and after booking an introductory examination, the expert podiatrist can assess the overall health of your feet.

General Care

You are advised to see the podiatrist every year, as this will ensure than any issues are quickly treated, and if you are always on your feet and neglect your feet, this could result in a serious issue arising. The specialist would inform you about foot care, and with the right routine in place, your feet will be sufficiently healthy to handle the daily stress that life entails.






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