What Essential Oils Can Do for you

Essential oils have long been used in Eastern and Middle East cultures, mainly for their healing properties and soothing effect when in contact with these seemingly magical oils. Here are a few of the benefits that can be derived from the regular use of essential oils.

  • Elevate Mood – How we feel about things can have an impact on our health and if you’ve had a hard day at work, massage essential oils into your aching muscles for a really soothing effect. Popular oils for lifting spirits are rosemary, eucalyptus and sweet orange, and essential oils are very powerful and need to be diluted with a carrier oil, which might be coconut or other natural oil.
  • Fighting Infection – Eucalyptus oil is known to attack bacteria and germs, and if you are recovering from an illness, daily use of eucalyptus oil will help your body in its recovery. Lemon essential oil is also good for hygiene, indeed, some people mix a little with the water when they mop their floors, for that really lemon fresh aroma. Check out the amazing selection of oils and candles at Karma Living, one of Australia’s leading health and well-being product suppliers, and their products are guaranteed 100% natural.
  • Relieving Digestive Issues – Indigestion and heartburn can be relieved with peppermint essential oil, while it is believed to reduce headache pain, and if you would like to try out a few essential oils, an online search will take you to a natural product supplier where you can order a starter kit that has a selection of popular essential oils.
  • Promote Healing – Lavender is ideal for helping the body to recover from a sickness or injury, and this floral scent is also great for relaxation. Camphor is another oil for healing, and this very distinct aroma is believed to have soothing properties and is often used in a medicinal way.
  • Aid Sleep – Quite a few essential oils are said to help a person to relax and drift off to sleep, especially when you are stressed about the day to day life in these difficult times, and applying a little oil about an hour before bedtime is recommended.

If you would like a trial set of essential oils, simply Google a reputable essential oil supplier and they have everything you need. It won’t take long to find a favourite or two, then you can reorder and enjoy the many health benefits of essential oils.

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