What is a Methadone Withdrawal?

Methadone is proven to be highly physically addictive particularly when consumed in a high quantity. The drug is widely used to help individuals manage their opiate addictions which sometimes make an individual get into one addiction from another. If taken in a large quantity, the user can establish a quick tolerance to methadone. This means that there will be an increased requirement of methadone by the individual in order to achieve the similar effect.

A dependence is established when the body starts depending on methadone in order to function normally. Individuals who have developed a dependence on methadone will experience side effects related to withdrawal if they suddenly quit the use of the drug. The withdrawal symptoms occur because of physical dependence on the drug. The body has to learn to function without the involvement of methadone in its system. During the period when the body is struggling to learn to function normally, some uncomfortable side effects related to the withdrawal process will occur which can make it difficult for a methadone addict to recover.

Considering the fact that the process of withdrawal from methadone will result in adverse side effects, the methadone addicts are suggested to carry out the detox process within a medical facility. A large number of both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facilities provide medical detox from drugs which can help in mitigating the intensity of side effects of withdrawal of methadone.

The entire procedure of methadone is different for every individual. The side effects and the time required for complete withdrawal varies based on the duration and intensity of addiction. The tolerance level of a user towards the drug is also going to have an impact on withdrawal side effects and the time period required for the withdrawal procedure. Individuals having a relatively serious methadone addiction will be more likely to experience severe side effects of withdrawal. Moreover, if a methadone addict is also abusing other substances then the withdrawal procedure will be much longer and further intense.

Try to quit methadone in a sudden and abrupt manner will result is more serious withdrawal side effects. Health professional most suggest reducing the use of methadone is a gradual manner in order to make the withdrawal process more tolerable. The withdrawal of methadone is safe and more effective if carried out at a medical or rehabilitation facility. The users of methadone must always detox under the observation of a medical professional in order to make sure that the side effects of withdrawal do not put the addict’s life at risk.

Medical and rehabilitation facilities make use of the expertise of health professionals to create a customized treatment plan for every patient. An inpatient treatment facility is appropriate to cure the moderate to severe methadone addiction. An outpatient facility is more suitable for those who have a mild methadone addiction.

If you or your loved one is dealing with a methadone addiction, you must not suffer any longer and seek medical help for methadone detox.

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