What to expect from stem cell treatment? Find all details here!

The popularity of stem cell treatment and PRP therapy has increased considerably in the last decade. These treatments components of patient’s own blood to induce and accelerate healing, and the potential is massive when it comes to treatment of pain, injuries and inflammation. In case of stem cell treatment, adult stem cells are derived from the patient’s body and used at the site of injury, while for PRP, platelets from patient’s own blood is separated and injected for inducing healing. If you are seeking stem cell treatment in Houston Texas, there are many clinics to consider, but here is a quick overview of things you can expect.

The basics

As with any treatment related to injuries, a full assessment will be done. Your doctor will check for your motion, and as required, MRI, X-rays and other diagnostic tests will be done. The treatment plan will be decided after the diagnosis is done, and typically, the doctor will ask to stop all kinds of anti-inflammatory medications for at least a few days before the treatment, as these medicines can have an adverse effect on your treatment. You would be also asked to wear comfortable clothes and must drink considerably more water just an hour before the procedure.

Right after the treatment

Once the stem cell treatment is over, the area may remain numb for a few hours, and you will be asked to avoid any kind of extensive physical activity for that specific period. Depending on your condition, some restrictions may be imposed on how you handle weights, and you may have some soreness and pain for the next two to five days. Some patients do have fever, but that’s mind and doesn’t exceed beyond 100 degrees. All kinds of anti-inflammatory medication must be avoided during the treatment, and if the pain is too extreme, your doctor may recommend putting some ice packs.

Other things to know

You may have no pain after stem cell treatment and feel okay, only for the pain to return after a point, and this is considered to be extremely normal. Stem cells used for treatment lasts for about 12 weeks, and the entire healing process may take a few months. In most cases, patients need one to three treatment sessions for healing, and there is a gap of at least six weeks between each.

Check with a reliable clinic to find more details on stem cell treatment!

Regenerative Medicine is a medical field that focuses on the replacement of tissue and organs. uses stem cells, which allows patients to have regenerative effects after a disease or injury.

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