Your Guide to Root Canal Treatment

Like any other part of your body, even your teeth are an important part of your body. Not to miss, you cannot enjoy eating tasty food preparations if your teeth are not in a good condition. But you might get tooth issues, irrespective of the fact that you take their care. Root canal is one the most common tooth treatments often used to save and repair a tooth.

What is root canal?

It is a treatment that is generally performed by a dentist to repair your infected or decayed tooth, so that it can be saved. Remember, original teeth cannot be replaced by artificial ones, therefore, root canal treatment is generally recommended by the dentist.

When a tooth’s pulp and nerve becomes inflamed, irritated, and infected because of deep decay; frequent dental procedures; a crack, chip large fillings in the tooth, is to be done. It can even happen due to trauma to the face.

What is done during a root canal procedure?

You can go to a reputed dental clinic like East Bentleigh Dental Group for your root canal procedure. Here the pulp and nerve of your tooth are removed by the dentist and the infected tooth’s inside is first cleaned and then sealed. If you don’t go for the treatment, the tissue that surrounds the tooth can become infected as well and even an abscess might form.

The nerve of the tooth is not really important to your tooth’s health as well as function after your tooth has come through gums. The only function it does is sensory, i.e. to give the sensation of cold or hot. The nerve absence will not affect the working of your tooth.

Here are these steps followed in root canal procedure:

  • Firstly, your dentist will take an X-ray to look at the shape of your root canals, and find out whether there are any signs of infection in the surrounding bone. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area.
  • To dry that area to make it free of saliva, the dentist puts a rubber dam around the tooth.
  • The next step follows is drilling an access in the teeth. The bacteria, pulp and decayed nerve tissue are neatly removed from that tooth. When this work is done, sodium or water hypochlorite will be sprayed in that area to flush the debris away.
  • Once the tooth is cleaned, it is then sealed.
  • A filling would be put to close the access hole that is created at the start of the treatment.
  • The final step involves further restoration of the tooth. You will need to put a crown to prevent that tooth from breaking and to restore its full function. 

What signs show that root canal treatment is needed?

The following signs that indicate root canal treatment:

  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing
  • A strong tooth sensitivity which lingers, especially to cold or heat
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Painful or swollen gums
  • Some pimples on gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Beginning of loosening of teeth

If you need a well-qualified root canal treatment in Melbourne, make an appointment at East Bentleigh Dental Group today. They have the best dentists that can help to alleviate symptoms and rescue your tooth from extraction, and save it with root canal procedure.

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