Your guide to sinusitis – the sinus infection

Body –Sinusitis is one of the most commonly associated conditions occurring in the sinus area. The primary cause of this is noted to be blockage in the sinus cavity due to a number of reasons pertaining to virulent activities and conditions.  Some of these are –

  1. Common cold
  2. Allergic rhinitis
  3. Nasal Polyps
  4. Deviated Septum(nasal bone between the two nostrils)

Sinus blockage due to these conditions may result in further build-up of microbes, which is likely to result in this infectious growth.

6 Symptoms of Sinusitis to look out for

The development of sinusitis is generally accompanied by a number of signs. Some of these are –

  • Sore throat
  • Frequent coughing
  • Facial pain
  • Pus discharge through the nasal hole
  • Pain in the ear and teeth
  • High fever
  • Inability to taste food

In the event of a person exhibiting any of these, it is imperative that he or she gets it checked out by a diagnostic doctor or ENT specialists as soon as possible, to get it checked out. In the event that a sinusitis condition is detected, appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

Types of sinusitis

Depending on the cause and the condition, sinusitis may be classified into several categories. These are –

  • Viral sinusitis: These pertain to sinus conditions caused due to viral conditions, such as cough and cold, etc. That leads to mucus build-up in the nasal cavity region and affects the sinus area.
  • Bacterial sinusitis (rhinosinusitis): The bacterial sinusitis condition is a result of bacterial growth in the sinus blockage. Some of its main effects are severe facial pain, greenish yellow nasal discharge.
  • Allergic sinusitis: The sinus infection here develops due to allergic chemical reactions. This can be due to food allergies, dust allergy, etc. Consequently, nasal congestion occurs and sinusitis may develop.

Treatment for sinusitis conditions

As one of the most commonly occurring conditions, a host of remedies has been developed to combat this condition. Some of these are –

Treatment Description Advantages
1.      Medication By in-taking medicinal drugs, the patient is able to get cured of most sinus effects caused due to viral infection or bacterial growth. §  Patient is able to available treatment wherever it is convenient.

§  A definite cure for allergic or viral sinusitis.

2.      Natural remedies Home remedies such as – bromelain or steam inhalation, helps free up the sinus blocked cavities and thus subsequently combats the condition. §  Easily available.

§  100% all natural with no side-effects.

§  Relatively inexpensive.

3.      Surgical treatment In certain cases, sinusitis can only be treated through surgical practices. From sinus conditions occurring due to nasal bone fracture, to infections or inflammatory growths in the sinus cavity, surgical treatment of sinusitis is a definite cure for allsinusitis conditions. §  Allows a variety of conditional treatments such as growth of nasal polyps to nasal bone reconstruction.

§  Is a long-lasting treatment for preventing future sinusitis conditions from reoccurring


Rare sinusitis conditions

In less common situations, the sinusitis conditions may develop certain complications that are essentially variations of the common conditions but on a more aggravating scale. These are deemed as rare, but are no less detrimental in their effect. The two of these are – acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis.

Here is a brief about them –

  • Acute sinusitis

Also known as acute rhinosinusitis,in this occurrence inflammatory growth in sinus lining develops. Consequently, the body’s ability to drain mucus is inhibited.

  • Chronic sinusitis

Here, cavities around the sinus become swollen and causes excessive mucus build-up. The body’s ability to drain mucus is also further inhibited.

Obtaining treatment for sinusitis in India

India is known throughout the world to contain some of the best ENT hospitals for sinusitis treatment. So be sure to receive the best treatment for this condition, through some of the best ENT doctors in India.

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