Your Guide to Vaping: The Salient Details and Statistics That You Need to Know

According to recent census data, researchers have deduced that roughly 240,000 Australians vape on a consistent basis, and another 100,000 vape sporadically. However, these figures are fairly difficult to extrapolate from polling, which is why other industry experts have put forth much higher estimates, with some stating that the aggregate number of vaping enthusiasts in Australia is well above one million.

In any case, vaping is becoming increasingly popular and it is definitely here to stay, especially when considering the growing aversion towards customary tobacco cigarettes. Back in 2001, approximately one in every four Australians above the age of 15 was a smoker, but this rate has diminished considerably over the years – less than 14% of our country’s population now smokes tobacco.

This brief write-up will cover some of the more obfuscated facts regarding vaping, and explain exactly how to save some money on your next order.

Diving Headfirst into the World of Vaping

If you’ve been wondering why we’ve seen a massive surge in the number of vaping fans, take a moment to read through the following particulars vis-à-vis e-cigarettes:

  • The most prevalent iterations of e-cigarettes – those that require e-liquid – are far safer than classic tobacco cigarettes. The e-liquid is comprised of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and natural flavouring, which is a far cry from the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals found in manufactured tobacco products.
  • The Public Health England organisation recently stated that vaping is 95% less damaging to your health than tobacco. After all, there’s a reason why cigarettes are colloquially referred to as cancer sticks and lung darts.
  • The financial perspective is also an impactful driving force. The average one-pack-a-day smoker will fork over an average of $10,000 per year to support his or her habit, while the typical expenditure for those that vape in Australia is a trifling $800 per annum.
  • An international survey also concluded that more than 70% of people who would like to quit smoking are able to completely kick the habit with some help from e-cigarettes – only 10% feel the compulsion use customary cigarettes during the transition.

As such, e-cigs represent a fantastic alternative to smelly, tar-ridden cigarettes, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see the amount of vaping buffs in Australia continue to rise for the next decade.

The Secret to Saving Money on Vaping

As alluded to above, vaping is significantly more cost-effective than utilising tobacco products, but there is a simple, straightforward way to save even more money on your next purchase:

  1. Visit the website of a reputable supplier.
  2. Begin building your cart with a rechargeable starter kit.
  3. Add some replacement heating coils (ideally in a multi-pack).
  1. Buy your favourite e-liquid flavours in bulk.

The main reason why you should load up, so to speak, is that you will gain access to free shipping bonuses, wholesale discounts, and other money-saving boons. Those that order in bulk two or three times per year spend 20% less than the individuals who have to restock every month.

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